5 tips for travel to Italy! 

Having spent 3 long holidays in this country in the last 6 years I have some tips for travel to Italy! 

1. September is probably the best month to travel – not too hot and certainly not too cold. 

2. Come to Italy with very little luggage – you know very well you are going to buy new clothes here.

3. Try local food. Each region specializes in different cuisines. Eat local and be open to try new drinks and foods.

4. Carry hiking shoes. You may want to wear dresses and fancy clothes but let’s admit it.. Eurotrip means a lot of walk. So make sure you carry appropriate shoes. You can wear them with dresses too. Many tourists/people do this so you will not look funny. 

5. Everything is just a little better with Olive Oil. So just enjoy and we  can deal with the calories a little later. 

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  1. great post thanks for sharing!!


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