New Zealand 16 Day Drive Through Holiday Itinerary and Recommendations

Mind blowing scenery, delightful wines, delicious food, relaxing natural springs, rich and diverse culture, exciting adventures and above all, friendly and lovely people. We did a 16 day holiday in New Zealand and most of it was a drive through. To me it’s a lot more than just one country. I am so happy to share our adventure with you! 

Maldives – a complete holiday destination

Serene beaches, very few people, expensive private island resorts, good service, great food and wine, romantic setting, adventure water sports, coral reefs – Maldives has all the ingredients it takes to make it a honeymooner’s paradise.

Serene and Stunning Santorini

When one thinks of Santorini a beautiful white and blue post card picture comes to the mind. Well, I have been lucky enough to have visited and stayed in this post card twice in the last 5 years. This summer I revisited Santorini with my husband and friends and was enchanted all over by this beautiful volcanic island!

Incessantly Blue and Gorgeous Andaman Islands

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Andaman: the Andaman Islands are a group of Indian Ocean archipelagic islands in the Bay of Bengal, between the Indian peninsula to the west and Burma to the north and east. My husband and I chose to visit Andaman and were absolutely charmed! Below is a short collection…

A splendid week in Malaysia

It was just the two of us – mom and I. We left Mumbai on a Sunday afternoon in an Air Asia X flight to Kuala Lumpur and our beautiful holiday thus began. As soon as I was outside the airport gates in KL, I picked up a local sim card and activated it for…

Simply Beautiful Grey

These are just a few black & White and Sepia photos clicked on various occasions in various places. Some are clicked by me and some by my friends.   Greyness can be quite cool!

We are going to Ibiza

There is something about this picture I really like a lot. Can’t put my finger on the something… This was in Ibiza 2009. Some sunsets are just prettier than most others. Ibiza is Ibiza. Beautiful and expensive. However, I feel every penny.. sorry every cent was worth it. The party island has multiple beaches. They…

Visiting the past – reminiscing London

When i arrived at Hammersmith Tube station and ran across the bus stops to catch the waiting 72, it didn’t feel like it was almost 3 months ago when i did this the last time. “72 to Roehampton Bessborough road” that’s what the prerecorded female voice said as soon as I got a seat. Funny:…