About Greyindecision

Greyindecision is a name which originally took birth to make a twitter handle for me. I still exist on Twitter under the same handle. ‘Grey’ signifies the mixed characteristics of human nature and ‘indecision’ explains the opportunity cost we consider after having made regular materialistic decisions.

On a separate note, life is an unbelievable  mixture of good and bad – white and black. Grey signifies the union of various such shades that make a beautiful life. Indecision is just a state of mind as a result of mixed feelings and emotions. Greyindecision is my personal explanation to my existence.

When you meet me in person you will realize that I am a crazy social girl who likes to travel, eat and watch movies. And of course I like yapping about all the things that come to my mind.

I have keen interest in Marketing, Branding, Advertising and use of various social media but this blog is not about that.

I am extremely optimistic and energetic and hope to make some kind of positive difference in this world or at least in the lives of people I love.

This is my Facebook page:

Greyindecision on Facebook

Below is a link to my previous blog which I had to discontinue using due to some technical issues.

Greyindecision on Blogspot



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