Cinque Terre Italy – Travel Diary Day 2

OMG! I’m never going to forget today’s day. This is my longest trek ever. We trekked from Corniglia to Monterosso – approximately 10 kilo meters (took us 5 hours) iPhone says 132 floors climbed! Ok so let me start from the beginning.

We ate an early Italian breakfast (pastry + expresso ) at one of the restaurants near our hotel in Manarola and took a train to Corniglia. We got off and immedieatly started our trek at about 9 am from there. The first bit was from Corniglia to Vernazza. The sun was still mild so we had a lot of fun hiking! 

After reaching Vernazza we stopped for a few drinks and chat with one of the fellow hikers. 

The second bit of the trek was a little more difficult because the slopes got steeper and the road was slippery at places. The blazing sun added to the difficulty but we got through. Once again the view was spectacular and the fello hikers were very encouraging. 

Monterosso was beautiful. It reminded me of Malaga. I swam in the sea , ate loads of local fish and fell asleep on the sand.

To be honest – I think today I met the most enthusiastic travelers I’ve seen in my life. 70 year olds as well as  kids and families with dogs- hiking and having fun. Sharing stories and tips with us over drinks, and making plans for the next holiday. I’ve now decided to take hiking seriously and plan some trips accordingly. 

One tip – in case you don’t know yet, when you are hiking in the 5 Terre, start as early as possible and make sure you carry enough water and food. 

We got back to Manarola by train and sat at the end of the village road to watch the sunset. 

After sunset we went to one of the most popular restaurants in Manarola for some more delicious local fish preparations and wine – at Marina Picolla. 

And then after a long walk, just as we were returning to our room to crash, we came across this lovely local bar ‘La Cantina’ that was playing live music. So we decided to do a few grappa shots and end this epic day!

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