Manarola – Cinque Terre: Food, Drink, Stay Recommendations

During our 3 day stay in Cinque Terre we visited all 5 villages in this region. And our favourite village from the 5 is undisputedly Manarola – dues to its picturesque view, opportunities to swim safely in the sea and eat the best seafood. We stayed 2 night in Manarola. So have eaten at most restaurants I think. 

Here are my recommendations. 

So the best place for breakfast is De Artistide – right outside the train station. 

2 places highly recommended for a sit down seafood meal with great wine – Marina Piccola for excellent food and great view. La Scogliera for great food as well. Both of these are in the main village by the sea.

Now if you want to have drinks with the Manarola postcard view, this is the place to be in – Nessun Dorma. It’s right on top of the cliff.

And if you have just a few hours and don’t need a sit down meal but still want to taste local seafood. Look for this shop. It’s doesn’t really have a separate name.

For stay I highly recommend Ca De Baran. This place is very close to the station as well as the sea.


And if you are here to stay and fancy having a drink with the locals at night then you must visit La Cantina. They have an amazing band that plays live music. 

Love from the 5 Terre! 

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