So why do we tweet?

I can’t say I know this about everyone,  but I have been thinking for myself.I like tweeting. I tweet from everywhere. Traffic signals, office, my bed, wash rooms, pubs, trains, just about anywhere.

So why do I tweet?

Here are a few reasons I could think of.

It’s because I want to be heard. Twitter is like my psychologist. It’s a way to tell ‘someone who cares’ what’s in your head.

It brings me closer to those who want to hear me.

These are the people who get from me not ‘what I have’ but ‘what I want to give’. They see only what I show of the greyness that I am.

I make my impressions and my fuck-ups, and can’t blame them if they see me in a way I don’t desire. Because I am writing my story here. It’s not like someone else is narrating a colored version of my story in their mind. I take pride in my tweets.

Twitter is great. Because it’s everywhere. Its geographically, demographically, psychographicaly, and in many other ways very well spread. It’s not just a few friends. Its interesting strangers.

I tweet from all the interesting places I go to. I describe them. I describe my experiences, my complaints, my stories and my feelings. And it reaches people’s feeds. I feel like I’m getting attention.

It takes away boredom. So many times when I am waiting for a friend, or at the gym on the bike I tweet. I read other tweets. It’s just like reading a news paper – only less cumbersome.

So these are some of my reasons for being a big fan of #Twitter.

I am sure others have their own reasons.

Keep tweeting!

By the way I’m @Greyindecision on twitter!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalyan says:

    and we are all nosy at the end of it all 🙂 love the layout of your blog


  2. Ronit says:

    It could not have been put in any other way… And I think its the same who all are personal tweeters and not tweeting for some brand or a bot. this is truly a good piece.


  3. urvashi mhatre says:

    Awaiting your next post on this.


  4. akhani satyam says:

    twitter is like my life,girl freind.
    what ever i want to say i can say that and that too from any where.
    twitter is one of my best frind since last 2 years forme.
    way to go twitter.
    nice post Dear.


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