When Christmas lights and Eggnog are out..

So Last Christmas

Hmm.. How should I put it?

Ok here it is. I am on the mailing list of Starbucks UK. I still have my Starbucks card although I am in India now and Starbucks does not exist here. So today I received an email update from them. Just a simple mailer informing consumers that Starbucks will roll out its red Christmas merchandise and paper cups tomorrow. Just that one email and I was drawn back into the beautiful memories of last Christmas in Acton, London.

What a beautiful week it was! Snow everywhere. A little pub near my house on Milton Road called ‘Rocket’ was filled with people. I could smell mulled wine from the street. Everyone was so excited, so happy. I had bought gifts for all my friends. My kitchen was filled with all kinds of cakes, mince pies and cookies from Marks & Spencer. I made Sangria from cheap red wine. It was a full long weekend of food and fun in a beautiful city with great people and a gorgeous house.

The December festive weeks in London for me were spectacularly beautiful. Everything looked happy. I used to start my day with my Eggnog latte and a blueberry muffin. Lunch was a simple home made soup and Christmas Turkey sandwich from the Quad cafe at Roehampton University.  Dinner would be at work in Nando’s Southbank or at home where I would gorge on all the things that my little refrigerator could accommodate.  And yes… I used to grab a gingerbread latte on every single opportunity of getting inside a Starbucks! I had a Christmas life! Sweet people used to sing Christmas carols at Waterloo station. Poor homeless guys used to play fantastic music in the streets. When it snowed.. everything used to glitter like gold.

Oh… I miss my that Christmas. Can’t wait to spend a beautiful Christmas again in London.

Here are a few pictures which I thought I should put up with this post. Most are not clicked by me – just taken from the internet.

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  1. zakton says:

    I’m happy to say that there is a Starbuck in the next building of my office.


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