Visiting the past – reminiscing London

When i arrived at Hammersmith Tube station and ran across the bus stops to catch the waiting 72, it didn’t feel like it was almost 3 months ago when i did this the last time.
“72 to Roehampton Bessborough road” that’s what the prerecorded female voice said as soon as I got a seat. Funny: she sounded like an old friend catching up after a long wait.
My trip to Europe in September 2010 was a refreshing break from my work life in Mumbai. But most importantly, it’s part in London was catching up with my past. It was meeting old friends – literally and figuratively.
I lived in London for a little less than 2 years. I studied, worked, slogged and enjoyed these two years in the most perfect proportions. And today when I visit those places again, I have mixed feelings. I realize I miss London. I miss my beautiful London and it’s beautiful people. I miss the happy and meaningless conversations and serendipitously made friends. I miss whimsical weather and the warm shiny summers. The drunken nights, the pleasant mornings, the scars, the bruises and the endless laughter attacks.
Here are a few pictures taken during my magical time spent in London with friends and more friends and some really special people who made a big difference to my life and gave it more meaning.

Time frame of pics : September  2008 to Sept 2010

Time frame of memories : a geometrical line that has no ends

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