Why I say I can’t live without my iPhone

Just as I was driving in the rains today, stuck between cars at Napeansea, I realized this once again. And hence this post.

Why I say I can’t live without my iPhone:

Because I didn’t have a good music CD or any company today when I was stuck in traffic. (iPod)

Because I have no other way to tell someone how angry I am when I’m stuck in traffic. (Twitter)

Because I wasn’t carrying my expensive gorgeous SLR camera when Mumbai received it’s first rains this year. (Great camera)

Because I wanted my friends abroad to get the news and pics of first Mumbai rains only from me. Right then. (WhatsApp)

Because I could not wait till I got home to check comments on my blog post the day I wrote my favorite post. (WordPress)

Because I want to be connected without being disturbed. (Push email but not automatically pouring in)

Because I can not stand being separated from my friends when I am having a bad day. (eBuddy, twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook)

Because I need someone to tell me which song is playing on radio – when I’m having a hard time trying to remember the name of the movie. (Soundhound)

Because I want to pass time when I am waiting for others to arrive. (Facebook)

Because when I’m traveling abroad I want to be able to use the free wifi at Starbucks. (WiFi)

Because I secretly believe that those who dislike iPhones are just jealous. (That’s just me)

Sent from my iPhone (of course)

By the way, I totally understand when others feel the same about their smartphones from other operating systems. This is just my fondness for my phone in this post. Warm wishes to Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows and other OS users.

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  1. Rahul Desai says:

    LOL! Loved the post. I can closely relate to the sense of satisfaction and zeal of having a multi-utility, high-performance smartphone. All because of how it has my back in different situations I’m stuck/caught in – a life-saver. Imagine the fury if the situation other way round, the phone battery is dead and you don’t have means to charge it. I once wrote an article on ’25 things about me’ and I couldn’t help by make a mention of my phone – just can’t imagine my being without it.

    You’re right, others too may have smartphones with similar features. But well, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone!


  2. Abizer says:

    I’m jealous 😀
    Not coz you would believe that I dislike iPhones, but because I must have given away (read:sold) atleast 4 iphones so far! In the end, I love my iPod!


  3. You know you are certfiably crazy. You are not supposed to be touching your phone while you are driving and you write a blogpost on the same. 🙂


  4. Nischita says:

    Hehe. Interesting. Can do all of this with my new Android too which BTW is a complete rip off of an IPhone. *No wonder Apple sued Samsung. So YAY to iphones and Rip-offs 😛


  5. ANAGHA VAIDYA says:

    Nice… i liked the way you wrote WARM WISHES TO …..


  6. Jay says:

    I am an iphone addict too, or should I say that, I am an “Internet” addict. being using this iphone for over 2.5 year now and it has always kept me connected to the internet. so I think what if there was no internet or lets just say no iphone…

    Best quote: “Because when I’m traveling abroad I want to be able to use the free wifi at Starbucks. (WiFi)”

    iphone never lets you feel alone or bored.. that is what i think.


  7. Abil says:

    I read this post today.. But the last line offended me.. You did not greet warm wishes to Anagha..(Sony erricson) 😛 😛


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