Travel Diary: Paris Day 3

Our plan for day 3 was pretty exhaustive. But the places we visited were so great that we couldn’t rush through and we could complete only 2 out of 7-8 major attractions. We started with Louvre and saw about 1/3rd of the major attractions in about 3 hours. The museum is huge and the collection…

Travel Diary: Paris Day 1

After spending 2 days in somewhat warm sunshine in Nice, I am back in the cold European weather again. This morning we took a flight from Nice to Paris. While I plan to write about my visit to Nice a little later, I would certainly like to tell you about my first day in Paris….

Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 4

Today is our last day in Switzerland, before we leave for Nice tomorrow morning. This short stay in Switzerland has been spectacular and I am happy to tell you about today as well.  The original plan for today was to stay in Luzern and explore Mt. Pilatus. However as April is not the main season…

Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 3

Today we went all the way to the ‘Top of Europe’. Jungfraujoch is known as the highest peak in Europe. We spent our all day today in traveling from Luzern to Jungfraujoch and back. The way to Jungfraujoch was quite long and honestly really tiring. There was some rail construction work going on… So we…

Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 2

Our second day in Luzern was blessed with extremely good weather. The sun shone on us all day and we had a great time indeed. We started the day with breakfast from a small take-away cafe from Luzern train station and boarded a train to Engelberg. The view from the train to Engelberg was obviously…

Maldives – a complete holiday destination

Serene beaches, very few people, expensive private island resorts, good service, great food and wine, romantic setting, adventure water sports, coral reefs – Maldives has all the ingredients it takes to make it a honeymooner’s paradise.

Serene and Stunning Santorini

When one thinks of Santorini a beautiful white and blue post card picture comes to the mind. Well, I have been lucky enough to have visited and stayed in this post card twice in the last 5 years. This summer I revisited Santorini with my husband and friends and was enchanted all over by this beautiful volcanic island!