Childhood is a special time in everybody’s life.Mine was special too! It was a time when.. Life was about spending time with the people who mattered Mornings were about waking up to the divine smell of city bakery’s brun pav Summer was about spending time with grandma and her maids Diwali was about bursting crackers…

A dog is a miracle with paws!

This is a story of my husband R and his little friend Cherry. From ‘”I will not sit in the same room as the new dog” to “you guys carry on, I’ll hang out with Cherry”.                           How a pet can change your life.. 🙂

Maldives – a complete holiday destination

Serene beaches, very few people, expensive private island resorts, good service, great food and wine, romantic setting, adventure water sports, coral reefs – Maldives has all the ingredients it takes to make it a honeymooner’s paradise.

Meet Cherry!

Have I introduced you to Cherry before? I don’t think so. Meet Cherry! The newest member of our family. She is a 10 months old Beagle. Cherry likes cartons, bottles, clothes and shoes. Basically all chew-able things. She is still very young and we have made several attempts to train her… but lets just say…

The Beautiful Lady in this Picture

This post is dedicated to my grandmother. I miss you granny. My grandmother passed away when I was in college. We used to live in the same city and meet at least once a week in the last few years of her life. I don’t remember liking her much – not the way I remember…