A Weekend in Mornington Peninsula

I’ve been living in Melbourne for over 8 months now and finally last weekend R and I went to the Mornington Peninsula and had a blissful weekend – lots of wine, good food, good beaches and great weather.

So… Mornington Peninsula is a pretty large (723 sq Km) local government area located to the South of Melbourne in Victoria. It is very well known for its wineries (located in the Redhill area), lovely serene beaches (all around the peninsula), Strawberry farms, Natural hot springs and great food.

Our drive from Melbourne to Seaford (part of Mornington Peninsula) took less than an hour on a Saturday morning. Upon arrival we checked into our beautiful accommodation called Sailaway Beach House – a lovely suite we booked from booking.com. Our hosts Laura and Tim were absolutely brilliant. Their property, the room, its design, facilities and attention to detail is truly admirable.  After settling in, we drove straight to Sorrento beach and did the Millionaire walk – a short walk passing through the quiet backyards of Millionaires who are fortunate enough to have huge villas in Sorrento. The view from their backyards was mind-blowing of course.

Our next destination was Point Nepean. Point Nepean is located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula. It has outstanding coastal scenery and panoramic views of Bass Strait, the Rip and Port Phillip Bay. This huge area has a national park, a little beach and even a fort. We chose to go for a walk on the beach, watch the waves and enjoy the splendid views.

We still had some more time before it got dark, so we went to the Diamond Bay followed by Sorrento Back Beach.

In comparison to day 1, day 2 was quite relaxed.. we started the day at the Peninsula Hot Springs – natural hot springs and day spa where thermal mineral waters flow into the various pools … where you can just relax and rejuvenate. If you ever go to Mornington Peninsula, I highly recommend this experience!

This relaxing experience was followed by a delicious breakfast at Buckleys Chance – a very popular all-day brekkie cafe with an interesting story, very friendly staff and a strong fan following.

To continue our journey towards thorough pampering and enjoyment, our next carefully picked destination was Foxeys Hangout.  This beautiful winery has a very relaxed setting, scenic views and a farm-to-table eatery. Their wine collection was classic and simple with some very interesting options such as their Sparkling Shiraz. Their farm to table menu was also very interesting and everything we tasted was delicious.

On our way back to the hotel, we went to Arthur Point – another spectacular lookout in the Peninsula. Lastly, we went to the beach next to our accommodation – the Seaford beach. It was serene and peaceful. We enjoyed the view as slowly the sun kept setting. Later that that night we had a lovely seafood dinner at Waves on the Beach.

Day 3 was a day with another unique experience. We started the day picking strawberries at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. After a sumptuous breakfast of fresh Strawberries, cream, scones and coffee, we picked up our little boxes and began strawberry picking. Our boxes well full in less than 20 mins but the joy of picking fresh strawberries kept us in high spirits through the day. Another very highly recommended experience.

Our last stop before returning to Melbourne was Montalto vineyard and Olive Grove. This massive winery has not only great wines but also a beautiful garden restaurant and a massive deck overlooking sculptures and vines. They also have an in-house sculpture trail. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Montalto and began our return journey to Melbourne with lots of bottles of wines and lots of lovely memories of Mornington Peninsula.

This marvelous weekend trip would have never been so special without the recommendations and help from our local friends. Thank you Natasha, Rebecca, Irene and Kleo! R & I cant wait to go back!

Photos courtesy my beloved Ronit Roy



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