A Busy Busy Hour at Queen Victoria Market

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know by now that open markets is one of my favourite topics. This is my first one in Australia…

Well, lets combine Borough from London and Crawford from Mumbai and add a slight touch of live entertainment from European tourist destinations – And you’ve got Queen Victoria Market!

Be it fresh organic produce, plants and flowers, pots and pans or home made juice and pickles … you can buy it all at the Queen Victoria Market.

And then top it up with some home and clothes shopping, art, cheap buys and bargain deals!

If you get hungry in the middle of your shopping mission, there is loads of promising food! And also to top it all, a live band!

All in all – a great place to spend a warm and sunny Sunday (like the one we have today) while also buying some essentials and frills for the following week!

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