Travel Diary: Paris Day 4 (in Retrospection) 

Day 4 in Paris was our last day and we had a lot to cover especially since we could not do much on day 3.

We started day 2 at Arc de Triomph and continued waking around Paris till late afternoon.

On our way we came across Champs Elysees (where we picked amazing bakery breakfast), Jardin des Tuilleries, view of Louvre, Old city area, Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle Church and the Latin Quarter.

We followed the Nomadic Matt recommendation from the blog (link below) and it was truly helpful.

How to Spend 5 Days in Paris

Post lunch in the Latin Quarter we headed to Moulin Rouge in metro. After seeing the busy and colourful street we took a walk to the famous and unique cemetery in the Moulin Rouge area. Then we climbed up the Montemarte through the garden area and visited the Sacre Coeur and the surrounding market of art.

On out last day in Paris we had a relatively simple dinner at a small bar in Guy Mouquet.


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