Travel Diary: Bruges

Today morning we took a train from Paris to Bruges and were here in the romantic town by 10:00 am. We had the whole day to take in the beauty of this enchanting town and enjoy their delicious beers and chocolates.

We started with a casual walk to the city center and when we reached the market square we decided to take a break and have some fries and beer.

We then went up to the bell tower, walked to Brug Square,  visited the beer museum (I don’t recommend visiting it) took a boat ride and even visited the Minnewater park. We even tasted the most delicious chocolates at the local chocolatier.

For dinner we went back to a restaurant in the market square.

Overall, we were completely enchanted in the fairy tale city. And I totally recommend spending a day here if you have a spare day in Paris or Amsterdam or one of the neighbouring cities.


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