Travel Diary: Paris Day 1

After spending 2 days in somewhat warm sunshine in Nice, I am back in the cold European weather again. This morning we took a flight from Nice to Paris. While I plan to write about my visit to Nice a little later, I would certainly like to tell you about my first day in Paris.

To be honest I have been to Paris before ..but this is my first visit since I started this blog and the first one with my husband.

When we arrived in Paris we had to take 3 different metro lines from the airport to reach our hotel in Guy Mouquet. The journey was tiring but the hotel was pretty decent so we were happy. But the lesson is – most metro stations in Paris have a part you need to pass through with no escalators. So if you have luggage, it’s worth spending on a taxi.

Our first destination from the hotel was quite obvious –  the Eiffel Tower. We took a metro, got off at Champ de Mars and walked to the monument, took loads of pictures, climbed up to the top, took more pictures and finally went to Rue Cler (a lane nearby) to grab some food.

 Rue Cler had some amazing food options for take away as well as sitting in. It also has some amazing flower shops.

 After having a good meal we went up to Trocadero to get a good view of the Eiffel Tower again during dusk. This time we sat around and waited till it got dark.

Thanks @ronitroy for this beautiful picture. My hands were so cold that I didn’t remove them from my pockets and my husband R had to take this picture.

To end our 1st day we ate at multiple stalls from a street fair near the tower and took a metro back to the hotel.




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  1. The Eiffel Tower picture is amazing. Also amazing is that you were cold and Mr. Roy was clicking 🙂 The taxi tip is pretty helpful

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