Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 4

Today is our last day in Switzerland, before we leave for Nice tomorrow morning. This short stay in Switzerland has been spectacular and I am happy to tell you about today as well. 

The original plan for today was to stay in Luzern and explore Mt. Pilatus. However as April is not the main season of summer here, the famous cogwheel train that takes tourists to the top was shut. We had the option to still visit Pilatus in a cable car but we chose to skip it and try something unusual. 

So this morning we took a train to Willisau… a small village located about at hour away from Luzern. 

Willisau is a really beautiful and typical Swiss village and has really friendly residents. We visited the main attractions like the church, the town hall, a biscuit factory,the shopping boulevard with lovely cafes,  the cemetery, the wood factory and the main square.

Happy with our choice, we got back from Willlisau by around 3 pm and then explored the last leftover bit of Luzern. 

I must say I was really impressed with the Lion Monument. Although this place is filled with tourists at all times the lion itself is spectacular. It makes up for the noise and obsessive tourists.




After this visit we decided to relax and shop around. We had a few drinks at the famous and not-very-expensive Pickwick Bar. And finally we concluded our stay in Switzerland by having our last meal at Restaurant Fritschi – an extraordinary restaurant that serves authentic Swiss food and a has a great staff. 

The walk back to the hotel was pleasant and happy after such a great meal.

Hope  you enjoyed reading my Swiss travel diary. France is coming up next.


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  1. thesweatergiraffe says:

    Switzerland sounds amazing! I have a few friends and family thereabouts, and I’d love to visit there sometime. Your photographs are beautiful!

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  2. I love the fact that you guys decided to go to not so popular a place and had fun there 🙂

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