Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 3

Today we went all the way to the ‘Top of Europe’. Jungfraujoch is known as the highest peak in Europe. We spent our all day today in traveling from Luzern to Jungfraujoch and back.

The way to Jungfraujoch was quite long and honestly really tiring. There was some rail construction work going on… So we had to change from train to bus and then back to train just to reach Interlaken from Luzern. There were 3 more trains after that.

The good part was – the journey was filled with breathtaking views of valleys, lakes and snow.


In the last few hours of the journey our train was actually passing through snow and experience  just became way better.


When we reached Jungfraujoch the whole valley was filled with fog and so unfortunately we could not click many pictures. But in the freezing weather we still managed to take a few selfies and enjoy hot cup noodles in the cafe beneath the famous observatory. We also saw the ice sculptures, walked through an ice cave and saw some lovely installations.

At about 4:40 pm we started our journey back to Luzern. On our way back we stopped at multiple points but most importantly we took a 1 hour break in Interlaken and saw the areas near the station.

By the time we reached Luzern it was 10 pm and so we took take-away dinner from our usual Doner place.

Overall from today’s day I highly recommend Jungfraujoch- for an extraordinary train journey experience. Let’s hope we come across some more amazing places and experiences tomorrow!



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  1. 1world2feet says:

    Gorgeous views!


  2. Am gonna tap you once you are back and plan my trip. This is a really really wow place. Great pics


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