Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 2

Our second day in Luzern was blessed with extremely good weather. The sun shone on us all day and we had a great time indeed.

We started the day with breakfast from a small take-away cafe from Luzern train station and boarded a train to Engelberg. The view from the train to Engelberg was obviously mind blowing as expected. We breezed through beautiful green pastures and traditional Swiss homes.


We reached Engelberg and immediately bought tickets to Mt. Titlis. The journey from there on was something I will remember for the rest of my life! Climbing snow-clad mountains in a steep cable car made perfect memories and postcard pictures. Time just flew and we were already at the peak of Mt. Titlis.


The next few hours spent on top were straight out of a fairy tale. We played in the snow like little kids, had snow fights and took hundreds of selfies. 

When we came back from the peak we still had 30 mins till the next train to Luzern. So we decided to spend some time walking around in the tiny town of Engelberg. Below in picture is the cheese factory and the abbey. 

And this one is just a pretty fountain I spotted. 

After reaching Luzern we decided to spend the rest of the evening just chilling by the lake. So we bought a bottle of cheap wine, some chocolate and made a picnic! And of course we took some pictures by the lake.

Another day well spent… Happiness! 


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  1. soma roy says:

    Always share your experience like this by posting….quite thrilling 💃

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  2. Pics are super, you are looking very nice and the text is quite evocative 🙂

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