Travel Diary: Switzerland Day 1

After months of working really really hard we finally began our holiday today! A group of 4 friends from Mumbai.

We landed in Zurich this morning.. after 2 flights and a pretty long stopover in Abu Dhabi.

That’s Abu Dhabi from the sky By the way.

So..we landed in Zurich, stored our baggage at a prepaid locker at the Airport train station and took off to Rhein Falls on a train.

The journey was quick and filled with scenic views of Switzernad.

When we reached our destination we were totally mesmerised by Rhein falls and the surrounding area.


After a boat ride to the falls and spending some quality time in the area we came back to Zurich and explored the city centre- Zurich lake and the surrounding area.

Fully impressed with the food, small boutiqes, art, architecture, picture perfect views and chilly weather we left Zurich in the evening and came to Luzern.

We spent the evening at a local Cinema Bar and an adjacent Doner place.

Had such a lovely day! Can’t wait for tomorrow to explore the Swiss Alps.


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  1. This is really really cool 🙂


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