Friendship is beautiful



Friendship is not saying the right thing at the right time

Friendship is covering for your friend because he would do the same for you

Friendship is to forgive mistakes because loyalty and relationship is what matters more

Friendship is not having to say “you are a bitch” but knowing it and living with it

Friendship is not about picking sides.. it’s about being there for your friend whenever he needs you

Friendship is about fighting and getting back.. not about holding grudges.

Friendship is not about right and wrong.. it’s about seeing from your friend’s perspective

Friendship is fights, confrontation and being true.. even if that seems intimidating

Friendship was when I told you that I care .. and when I told you you are being stupid.. and when I asked you to be careful.. and when you did the same for me

Friendship was when we cried together and we laughed together.. when I did silly things and you asked me if I was out of my mind

Friendship was when we loved unconditionally and we sacrificed generously.. when pretence was not a part of our life

Friendship was beautiful while it lasted. Unfortunately, it did not last forever.

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  1. 🙂 very heartfelt


  2. Thanks Sve.. thanks guys… all your blog posts are wonderful!


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