All this while…

When I said I was tired I thought YOU would continue.

When I said I was giving up I thought you would NOT accept.

When I told you to go I thought you would STAY.

When I closed the door I thought you would knock.

When I jumped in the sea I thought you would turn around to FIND Me.

You did not. I was wrong.

You were more angry than I was sad.

You were more troubled by me than I was disturbed by you.

You were waiting for an escape when I was hoping for togetherness.

You were running for your life when I was drowning mine in the sea.

You were entering a new life when I ended mine at the bottom of the sea.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rita says:

    Keep it up ….


  2. Rahul Desai says:

    …straight from the heart!


  3. Royspeaks says:

    … I will continue
    … I will not accept
    … I will stay
    … I will not knock, I will break open the door
    … I will jump with you


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