I wish you had listened to me the first time

I wish you had listened to me the first time. The first time something went wrong and I yelled.

You probably thought I was playing some sort of a prank. Well may be it was a prank or something less playful – only to get your attention. But now it’s not just that.

I feel like a roadside dog from your locality sometimes. Everyone knows I exist. You know I exist but you like most others don’t care.

Now I don’t want attention. I have now given up. On you, on us and on life. The doctor says I will be taken to the asylum tomorrow.

I don’t know if I will ever return. I don’t know if I want to. Why should I want to return?

Who wants a deaf music teacher?

I don’t want pity. I think death is more comforting. So I’ve made a choice.

Just wish you would have heard me then…

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  1. Sandeep says:

    What is it???? It’s not grey, it’s black……


    1. It’s the darkest grey… close to black. Experimenting with emotions and writing.


  2. interesting post., I love the thought behind it, and admire the simplicity of ur words.
    i myself am partial to writing with darker imagery….. but i guess everyone develops their own way of writing
    in fact, the simplicity of your writing actually makes the whole punch line (if i call it that)..a lot more powerful, cos ur not expecting it.
    thumbs up! keep writing x


  3. now that reads like a daft threat to someone!


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