Goa – meu paraíso

I tried hard not to write a post on this trip but finally gave in. I had such a blast that I had to write about it.

Initially I was hesitant about writing as I have not been able to take many photographs on this trip- mainly because we had a small bike accident during the trip and hence did not bother to carry the camera with us for some time post that. Even after we started taking pictures again, the enthusiasm and flexibility to take good pics was reduced to half. However, we still had a successful trip and here is a post! We are all fine now with just a few bruises (bike as well).

So we (me and my friend R) took a train to Goa, got off at Thivim train station and took an auto to Baga. We first checked out the top most guest house in our list and fell in love with the place immediately. We were going to spend the next 3 nights in this place -Waters. Check out the place for yourself. I’m sure you will like it too. Here’s a link.

Waters Boutique Guest House

We had lunch at this place called Infantaria in Baga. This was the best food I ate in Goa. I tasted King’s beer for the first time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures of Infantaria but this is what I found on google!

The first evening we went to Anjuna and had a great time watching the sun set. The sea was calm and beautiful.

I also did some shopping at the market in Anjuna.

For dinner, my friend R took me to this place called Cavala in Baga. What a lovely place! It’s just ideal for a dinner date! We played checkers, had great food and cocktails and of course King’s beer once again.

We spent some more time in a beach shack called Zanzibar on Baga. There was a beautiful fire show happening there, right on the beach – free. We enjoyed it with some more drinks  and then decided to call it a day.

The next morning we went to Baga beach for a swim.

Then took off on our bike to visit our friends in South Goa.

On our way we saw a breath-taking view from a hill top and took a few pics.

Soon after that, we realized that we had lost our way. Worse, we slipped from our bike and fell flat in the mud. Then we just returned home and after a clean shower + loads of Savlon & dressing went to Britto’s on Baga beach for a late lunch and beer.

The third morning was slightly painful but we were ready to go out! We had a grand breakfast at Lila Cafe on Baga river. A perfect start to a perfect day.

Right after breakfast, our friends from South Goa finally arrived in Baga and joined us for the rest of the holiday.

We had a blast together! We went to the beaches, ate loads of food and had a great time at Curlie’s in Anjuna. Curlie’s is a beautiful restaurant, very different from all others, right on the beach, at the end of Anjuna. Getting there is slightly difficult but totally worth it!

We enjoyed our last day in Goa in Baga itself. Water sports, temp. tattoos, some swimming and a heavy seafood lunch concluded our little trip to the paradise.

For our train journey back to Bombay we took some take away samosas, patties, and pastries from Infantaria.

Thank you   @Finelychopped, @Saurabh_Nath, Andy, Mitali, and @Ronitroy for your recommendations!

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  1. Aditya Patel says:

    Makes me wanna follow suit after reading this 🙂


  2. Royspeaks says:

    Hell of an adventure!


  3. aniket says:

    Reading it makes me crave for some fish food 🙂


  4. sway says:

    Loved it! Goa is a magical place, and u’ve captured it beautifully and in a very non-touristy way!
    Loved the food descriptions – im missing some fish curry now!


  5. Hey dear it was really very nostalgic …..i just liked you expressed thing with images n words.
    lol dear 🙂


  6. urvashi mhatre says:

    dont know what is best between the 2,the write up or the pics!


  7. Dipti says:

    i wanna go to goa after the mouthwatering description of everything!!…..


  8. Sandeep says:

    Cooool 🙂


  9. Debra says:

    This is a great ppost thanks


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