Us…the fast-pace generation

So we are today. We are generation Y, the fast-paced and multi-talented future-shapers.
We can climb mountains, build applications, balance sheets, sell almost everything, make money, build organizations, care about the nature, conserve for the future and so on. We can achieve almost all that we desire.

We are smart, we are sharp. We have technology, we have resources. We are empowered and we have courage. Wait a minute, did I actually say we are empowered and courageous? Let’s see. We are people who fear commitments. We can’t face our pasts. We are the generation that chooses to ignore and run away from anything that threatens to push us outside our comfort zones. We avoid conversations with our elders. We can’t share our rooms and wardrobes. We can’t live without Facebook, Twitter and emails. We need Blackberrys in our palms to feel complete.

We are doing really well in our jobs. We have maintained a perfect work-life balance. We give our jobs our 100%. We look stunning and take pride in out workout schedules and sincerity. Our bosses love us due to obvious reasons. We are outgoing, charming and simply enjoying the peak of our youth. But then why do we survive on diet cokes and low-fat comfort food throughout the day? Why do we smoke ‘n’ number of packets of cigarettes everyday to combat the stress we have as a result of our brilliant work and fast-paced life? Why do we survive on Redbulls and expressos when all we should be doing is sleeping for 8 hours? Why do we need alcohol to relax on the weekends? Why can’t we imagine relaxing completely on a weekday? Why do we hate Mondays so much?

Why are we so greedy? We want everything and after that we want more. What are the things that we are missing out on? I can’t even remember them now. Why don’t we ever watch the sun set on a weekday or in our home town. The last time enjoyed a sunset was when I was in Europe for a Mediterranean holiday. We were happier when we were kids… Remember? Are we really fast-paced or are we just oblivious to our present in the pursuit of an unclear and jazzy future? I don’t know but I would like to understand this.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Nice Share, still waiting for your next posts…


  2. Thanks Andrew. I plan to put something up soon!


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